Andrew Harper (The Red Flood)

Andrew Ref

Basic Info

Name: Andrew Harper

Age: 18

Birthday: March 3rd

Place of Birth: Perth, Australia

Gender: Male

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 56 kg

Hair: Shoulder length chocolate brown hair, slightly feathered and the fringe hangs over the right side o his face emo style most days.

General body description: Lanky guy with some traces of muscle visable if you were to see him shirtless, but generally he looks like one of those skinny weak guys on the surface. Artists fingers.

Orientation: Pansexual in denial. “Doesn’t think about it seriously”  He believes monsters like himself shouldn’t think about that kinda thing in more than a joking way (He still does though). "A monster deserves to be alone" in his opinion. He will still make many sexual jokes and perv on other people though, just not in a serious way.

Misc details: Right handed. Doesn't get sick very often, even with a poor diet.

Pre Proxy

Eye Colour: Hazel, mostly green with flecks of brown

Scars: Self harm scars along arms (Mostly the left arm), the thighs, one small thin one by his jugular hidden by his hair, and a few along his stomach. Attempted suicide scars along left wrist (Horizontal).

Semi Nude ref

Post Proxy

Eye Colour: Old blood red. Not a bright anime sexy shade, but the shade of blood as it's drying up and going dull.

Scars: Stab scar on right collar bone. Scars along lips from being forced to stitch them together, most have healed over but two are still slightly open, one on the top left, one middle bottom. Burn scars cover a good portion of the right side of his body, starting from just under his hairline, covering his neck, twisting around his back so it barely misses his nipple, ends partway down the back of his thigh. (This list will update with further writings)

Mental Health

List of mental ilnesses

  • Social Anxiety disorder
  • Severe Depression
  • Paranoia
  • Borderline Personality Disorder