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Thief of Life  - The Thief of Life steals life and living things to benefit themselves.

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Lemon (Lowest non mutant shade of yellow)

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7.85 sweeps  (17 years)

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Basalisk  (captured by poachers for it’s hypnotic eyes, location and mortality unknown)

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“Slave” of Kaitos. Has been kept in a slave trader dungeon since he was 5.54  sweeps old (12 years old) when it was discovered he was living without a lusus. Having close to useless psionic powers, near on mutant blood, and no muscles whatsoever, no one was willing to buy him until Kaitos bought him. For the sweeps in between, all he’s been allowed to do was blood let to be sold on the market and just wait for his trader to somehow scam him into being sold, or get tired and kill him. Suffers heavy depression and PTSD, believes he is worthless, and still sells his blood for extra money to try and “be helpful to his rescuers” despite Kaitos’s protests.