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Knight of Life Arin

Knight of Life - He who exploits or fights using Life. The Knight of Life exploits life and living things.  Exploiting living things means that they could probably command armies of animals and people to do their will. Another power would be exploiting life as a weapon, which might mean twisting someone’s life so it’s absolutely miserable, leading to them being depressed or even committing suicide. Yet another power of this Knight is using plants as weapons or medicines. They would be able to identify poisonous and medicinal plants right away, and know how to use them against the enemy and on their teammates.

Sprite Edit

MegaWendySprite - A Mega Man figurine merged with the Wendy's mascot

Land Edit

Land of Bones and Humming - LOBAH A dusty isolated planet filled with large bones of long dead creatures, an ominous humming that is maddening to hear when you're outside that slowly seems to be getting louder, craters, and large cave systems. These caves are home to the consorts of the land, caves being the last place they can truly survive on this planet seeing as it's the only places left with water, and an escape from the dust clouds that choke them out. They live off of small fish and mushrooms, but parties of consorts do occasionally brave into the dusty landscape to find food or useful items. Big cave systems have small lakes inside them the consorts make their homes around, and these lakes are filled with fish and seahorses. These seahorses are revered by the consorts, they are treated like royalty and loved by all. It's become a symbol of hope to keep these creatures alive, because if seahorses can live on this planet, why can't they?

-Fear of weird monotone humming noises that feel like they're getting closer, seahorses

Land Quest Edit

Stop the dust storm and heal the land so the consorts can live in peace. Keep the seahorses alive.

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Hyena's with technicoloured hair caring for seahorses

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-Is the source of the dust and humming.

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Hot Pink

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Candy pink and white dress similar to a magical girl, Wendy's reference in the stripes