Heir of Hope Bob

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Heir of Hope (He who is protected by Hope)

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Land of Clouds and Glimmer (LOCAG)  A land of bright clouds and glittery soil. Everyting here seems extremely bright and cheerful, even the plants seem to have sparkles growing in their veins. But behind the bright exterior is a planet full of depression. The Consorts of the land have lost all hope, for generations they have been forced to sacrifice one of their own to the mysterious creature living in the core of their planet, but before the hero arrived, the consorts decided to fight back. They lost hundreds of lives in their revolt against the denizen, and ultimately lost. They’ve given up on waiting for their hero to save them.   [Heights, fear of failure, not being good enough of a hero]

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“Rekindle the fires of war”   give hope back to the consorts and rise up against the denizen. Either kill the denizen, or find a peaceful solution.

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