Thief of Rage Cry's custom boots

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Theif of Rage; He who takes rage from others for himself. Can steal rage, insanity and pain from others, but at the cost that they absorb it themselves, making them much more angry and prone to pain. Needs someone to keep them sane

Sprite Edit

SupCatSprite: Supguy plushie mixed with AK the cat. Sup guy is added first, then AK once entering the medium.

Land Edit

Land of Oceans and Bones

(Fear of Ocean/Creatures in the ocean)

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Moss Green

Grim!Dark Edit

Because of his decision to ascend to god tier early in the game and use his power to take the rage from his friends and citizens from Derse, he starts to get black stains on his hands. He hides it from everyone, but the more rage he absorbs, the more it starts to corrupt him. Eventually, it gets too much for him to bare, and he snaps, turning Grim!Dark. In existential rage, he begins to kill and maim anyone he can get his hands on. Eventually, Russ with the help of his mind powers manages to get Cry to calm down and heal his mind