Heir of Light Dan

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Heir of Light  -  The Heir of Light is protected by and unwittingly manipulates luck and knowledge. Being protected by luck would mean being practically untouchable. Bad luck would follow all those who tried to hurt him, and good luck to those who protected him.  Also by unknowingly manipulating luck, he could bring good luck to all those around him, acting as a living good luck charm.

Sprite Edit

DannySexCornSprite - Last Unicorn model mixed with a Danny Sexbang Model. Unicorn bumped into the Sexbang toy, Dan's original plan was to put a stegosaurus in his sprite instead. Sparkly and magic, and trying to flirt with everything that moves. Secretly sexting Brian and Arin.

Land Edit

Land of Sugar and Isolation (LOSAI) - A land covered in sweets and lollies, everything is made of sugar from the plants to the clouds (Think Sugar Rush). The consorts seem to be mostly missing, only a small number can be found wondering the planet, and they're never found in groups. Just wondering alone.Apparently there were once many consorts roaming the land, but something began slowly picking them off one by one in the night. There's stories of these monsters that take the consorts, and how those about to disappear would wake up frozen in their nests, unable to move as these dark shadowy creatures move in close to take them away. The sugary clouds will often block the signal of Discord, so until Dan could figure out how to upgrade his computer, he was mostly alone. Monsters are shark like.

-Fear of Isolation, sleep paralysis, and sharks.

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Find a way to stop the creatures and bring everyone back together. Find a new source of food and water that won't cause sleep paralysis and attracts the monsters.

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Jewelled Frilled neck Lizards

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Baby Blue

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Baby blue, covered in skittles