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Thief of Breath Jack

Thief of Breath - The Thief of Breath steals wind, freedom, air and life essence for their own benefit. One of their powers would be stealing the air from somebody’s lungs. The Thief would also be able to do the windy thing using stolen breaths. They could also steal someone’s freedom, making themselves free-er and the other person enslaved/trapped/imprisoned.

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SepticSamSprite - Septic Sam plushie mixed with Jack's hat. Both put in before entering the medium.

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Land of Chains and Chasms - A bare land of dark rocks held together with chains. The planet started splitting and crumbling long ago, so the consorts of the land made gigantic chains to hold the towers of rock together to stop the constant drifting of their land. In some parts of the world, you can see lava at the very bottom of the chasm. Those who've ventured down into the depths of the chasms have never returned, and terrifying noises often echo up from the blackness.

Fear of heights

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Calm the winds blowing the consorts from their homes to their death. Stop the denizen from killing the consorts

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Clover Green