Sylph of Space Kaitos

God Tier Title Edit

Sylph of Space  (The Sylph of Space heals and aids others with physics, mass, size and matter. One of her powers would be healing others by making their wounds very small. Another power would be that, if she and her teammates were in danger, she could make the threat very, very small until it was no longer dangerous. Regarding frog breeding, she would be decent at it, and theoretically the universe she creates would most certainly not have cancer

Sprite Edit

? + Lusus

Land Edit

Land of Ash and Chains LOAAC

Land Quest Edit

Heal the land; calm the raging fires and restore the floating gardens.

Consorts Edit

Timid Technicoloured Cats who like gardening

Denzien Edit

Gaea (Greek goddess of the earth)

The Choice Edit

Do what is right, and kill Arakis before he destroys their only chance at freedom

Moon Edit


Blood colour: Edit

Blue violet (Between Equis's and Gamzee's blood colour). In the Purple spectrum, but near the low end.

Age: Edit

8.77 sweeps  (19 years)

Lusus: Edit

Mercat (Cat with webbed paws, fins, gills and seadweller like neck fins)

Chumhandle: Edit


Notes Edit

Collects horns. Was once a subjugglator