Land of Ink and Dolls - LOIAD Edit


A land with rivers, splatters and oceans of technicoloured inks, black soil, and white objects. The white objects and trees of the world were once brightly coloured, but many years ago the colour started to drain away for no apparent reason. The consorts of the land are constantly trying to repaint their world with the rainbow rivers, but the colour always disappears within an hour. The consorts know that something living in the fast underground network of dripping inks that keeps taking away their colour, but every time they send a party down to investigate, none of them ever return. The consorts build grand statues to commemorate them, from big carefully detailed statues in the middle of village to little dolls that they place in important looking places. Every day without colour or hope, the consorts fall deeper and deeper into their depression, slowly losing the will to keep on living.

Designed to fight Mark's fear of inanimate objects, statues and mannequins, and his fear of drowning.