Maid of life Marzia

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Maid of Life: The Maid of Life acts as a protector for the life of herself and of her teammates. She can, in the most literal sense, keep them alive and protect them against their enemies. She might even be able to shield them as they fight, if she’s talented enough.

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Edgar and Maya (MaygarSprite)

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Land of Crystals and Rivers (LOCAR)  A land of towering crystal formations and roaring rivers. The consorts live off the land and build cities in the crystals. After maybe a day ingame time, the rivers suddenly start to rise, not quickly at first, but in no time at all the waters will begin consuming the cities, flooding everything. It is up to the hero to try and save the consorts before they drown. The Denzien is the source of the flooding, and needs to either be killed or given the choice to stop the raging water. If you kill the denizen, the water will go away. Forever. The rivers will dry up, and the lands water source will become barely more than a trickle, leaving the consorts to fight for survival yet again.

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