Prince of Doom Felix

God Tier Title Edit

Prince of Doom - He who lacks/destroyer of doom. Appears to be a life user at first due to their energetic nature and optimism. Refuses to believe in any limitation or rules of the game. Destroys limitations and other obstacles in their way, or other player’s way. Can easily be pushed onto darker paths and singlehandedly destroy a session. The only god tier capable of overcoming a doomed session.

Sprite Edit

StephanoSprite - Stephano statue mixed with a powerful saber. Stephano is merged before the medium, and refuses to let Felix add anything to him and forges his own powerful sword using the game to protect Felix.

Land Edit

Land of Horrors and Orchids (LOHAO) - A land torn between a war of the peaceful consorts and the wandering horror terrors/lovcraftian creatures. Places not destroyed or corrupted by the old ones are filled will tall tree like Orchid flowers. These flowers all house glowing egg like orbs that softly light the whole planet. Strange slimes and goos drip from the flowers and form sticky puddles that could trap the small consorts.

Land Quest Edit

Save the consorts from the horror terrors, no matter how impossible it seems

The Choice Edit

To use his powers as the prince of doom to rescue the doomed session, meaning allowing everyone to survive and connect with the new universe, but at the price that he must give his life for it. If accepted, he will grow sicker and sicker as the game progresses, and if he does not die in the final battle with the king, he will die of the sickness. (King death = heroic death. Sickness = Heroic. Trying to cheat or find a way around his deal with Thanatos = Just)

Consorts Edit

Denzien Edit

Thanatos - Greek God of Death

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Golden Yellow