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Mage of Space (Mage of Space is “one who understands Space,” and “one who guides Space using their knowledge.” The Mage would be able to figure out how things were created and how to most effectively get from point A to point B. Their job is to use that knowledge to change Space to suit their needs, such as shortening distances that are normally impossible to travel or resizing objects when they need to be able to captchalogue it. However, they are inflicted with what’s known as the Mage’s curse: A Mage must suffer by their aspect to truly understand it. This might be minor suffering over time (always getting lost or stranded) or severe suffering at one event (being teleported off a cliff and forever being paralysed).

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Land of Spires and Frogs (LOSAF)  A land of towering spires and pillars made of tree stumps. The Denzien of the land chopped off the tops of all the mammoth trees, leaving nothing but stumps littering the planet. The consorts of the planet build their homes in these trees, hollowing out holes for each home. The thickest trunks are saved for public areas only. They connect from trunk to trunk using wooden bridges, some very rickety or without handrails [Fear of heights]

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Frog breeding with help from the knights   side quest – help the consorts to regrow their trees foliage

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Small technicoloured dragons who love nature

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silentScribbler (Kaitos)

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