Rouge of Life Cyndago Ryan

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Rouge of Life: He who steals life for the benefit of the team. The Rogue of Life steals and steals from life and living things for the benefit of their team. 

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Land of Grass and Dust (LOGAD)  A warm land of wide grassy plains, pleasant breezes, and tall flowers. Parts of the planet appear to be drying up, causing the fields to go brown and dusty, although none of the planet’s inhabitants knows why. Everything is drying out at a fast rate, turning the planet slowly to dust. All the planet’s water is for some reason being drained away deep underground, and unless the hero can convince the denizen to stop hoarding all the water or kill it, the planet will slowly die of dehydration

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“Reverse the flow”  Convince or kill the denizen to stop hoarding the lands water before the planet turns to dust and dies

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