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Page of Doom  - The Page of Doom provides, creates and masters sacrifice, fate, law, and death

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Ruby (Higher end red)

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6.92 Sweeps  (15 years)

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Parrot (deceased)

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“Slave” of Kaitos. Before his lusii’s death he was a gem hunter, he collected jewels to decorate his hive and his lusus’ nest. The pair were attacked by Highbloods, but his lusus sacrificed it's life to let Thabit get away. He does, but only lasts a week on his own before being picked up by a shady cobalt trader and sold into a slave fighting ring. He has been used to fight to the death for highbloods in a gladiatory type arena, and had been forced to “donate” his blood to the point of near death, and upon discovery of his interest in ancient writing pertaining information on the great war, was to be put to execution before Kaitos offered a very high price for his services. Suffers severe PTSD, when triggered, he can be mentally placed back into the arena. Kaitos knows how to calm him, but he has inflicted injuries onto Kaitos in his worse attacks. When he doesn’t have to hid the true nature of his slavehood, he’s very energetic and sweet.