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Page of Time (At first will have no idea what he is doing [surprise surprise], and probably make a tone of mistakes, maybe even causing some timeline’s doom. But eventually, after a long battle and experience, he could be the most powerful time player of all)

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Land of Fog and Clockwork  (LOFAC)  A land of clockwork machinery shrouded in thick fog, almost a steampunky land. The mysterious fog covering the land has slowed everything to a hault, machinery will slow to a stop at the touch of it, and when it touches living beings, such as the consorts, they lose energy until they begin to freeze to the spot. The hero will be affected by these fog zones and will be frozen too if they stay in them for too long. They must find the source of the fog and stop it before the whole planet becomes frozen in time and save the consorts before they slowly die.  [Fear of failure]

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“Reverse the haze of time”  Find the Denzien and kill or convince it to stop breathing it’s fog across the land. Also, to try and rescue as many consorts as the hero can that are already trapped in the fog zones.

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